Project Files
LEED Documents
21412 Cleveland Area Middle School
21518 Lakeforest Elementary Additions
21603 Wintergreen Modular Building
21519 Chicod Phase 2
21520 White Oak Elementary
21602 Elmhurst Elementary MP Addition
21617 Clayton Middle Metal Roof Retrofit
21618 Selma Middle Metal Roof Retrofit
21615 Smithfield Selma HS Metal Roof Retrofit
21616 South Johnston HS Metal Roof Retrofit
21619 Cleveland Elem Metal Roof Retrofit
21620 Selma Elem Metal Roof Retrofit
21613 New Benhaven Elementary School
21703 Johnston County School HVAC Controls Jobs
21702 Smithfield Selma Senior High Fieldhouse
21701 Arts Council of Wilson Remodel
21704 CCS Facilities Study
21516 W.B. Wicker PK-5 S.T.E.A.M. School
21613 Overhills High School Dining Room Addition
21622 Renaissance Center
21813 South Johnston High School Fieldhouse Renovations
21804 Phase 1 Roof Replacement Paramount Theater
21906 East & West Lee Middle School Light Fixture Replacement
21817 Corinth Holders High Addition
2019 JCS Security Improvements
21913 JCS 2019 Track & Tennis Improvements
21908 JC South Campus (Innovation)
21815 DEEL Offices - 2010 Allen Road
21912 North Johnston High School Entrance Improvements
21917 Triton High CTE Storage Area
215 West Boardwalk
21915 Stocks Elem reroof 2019
21821 Clayton HS Additions - Phase I
Greenwood & JR Ingram Elementary School Cooling Tower Replacements
21916 Reroof Coker-Wimberly Elementary
21902 Eastern Pines Fire Station
21926 North Johnston High School Gym HVAC Renovations
21905 AG Cox MS Additions and Renovations
21927 East Lee MS Light Fixture Replacement
21008 Sainte Croix - Hospital 2010 Add. and Reno
Sainte Croix Campus Renderings
Belval Campus  Renderings
20926 FSIL Auditorium-Computer Lab
Episcopal University
21102 FHM-Phase 1- Surgical Unit and Guest House
21009 Sainte Croix Parish School
21106 FSIL Administration and Guest House

21202 FSIL Phase V Library Expansion and Guest House
21402 Bishop Joseph M. Sullivan Hospital